LifeType 1.0/Plugins/authimage

LifeType 1.0/Plugins/authimage

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在2006年11月2日 (四) 07:02由Jeanytu (對話 | 貢獻)所做的修訂版本
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名稱: 迴響驗證

版本: 1.0


程式授權: GPL

作者Mark Wu


This plugin needs to be enabled before it can be used. Its configuration page can be found under the "Manage groups" subgroup.

As an extra configuration parameter, this plugin allows to either use the non-visual HTML editor or the built-in WYSIWYG editor.

The custom page where articles can be submitted, can be reached at:

where X is the identifier of your blog.

Since the address above is too difficult to remember, the plugin has a built-in function that will generate the right address for us. Simply add the following line to the place your templates where you would like to show a link to the form:

<a href="{$submissions->pluginTemplatePage()}">Send us a story!</a>


This plugin uses two templates that define the look of the "send story" page and of the feedback page. These templates can be found under plugins/submissions/templates/. The first one is called submitform.template and the second one is called accepted.template

These two templates are shared by all blogs that use the plugin (it is not possible to define blog-specific plugin templates) but it is possible to modify them to suit your design or your taste better. However, please make sure not to change any of the field names in the submission form or else the plugin will not be able to find its data.


本外掛程式的設定頁面可以在 設定中心->垃圾防制干擾管理 中找到。


  1. $authimage->isEnabled() 可以檢查本外掛程式是否被啟用。
  2. $authimage->show() 可以取得驗證圖形。

啟動外掛程式後,只需要把下面的使用範例加到 commentform.template 模版中,不需要再修改任何程式:

  1. {if $authimage->isEnabled()}
  2. <div><label for="authImage">AuthImage</label><input type="text" name="authImage" id="authImage" value="" />&nbsp;{$authimage->show()}</div>
  3. {/if}